It’s all in the code… Intro

I’m not quite dead yet…

Looks like my keys still work here, great. I know I have been a bit quiet around here for the past year or so but at least the others have kept the lights on in my absence. A large part for my hiatus is because almost a year ago I switched positions, in a hard left turn kind of way. The change had me moving far away from the VMware focused roles of the previous 8 years, into a more broad DevOps focused role. It has been a very eye opening journey so far but I think I have really found my calling. DevOps merges something that I really like doing for fun, Automation, with something I managed to convince someone to hire me to do as a “job” (Employer please ignore that last line, I do still have bills).

In the past year I have been learning more about infrastructure automation and am at the point where I am comfortable with sharing what I have learned so far. On top of sharing what I have learned, I plan to spread this out over a number of parts as I build out a containers lab using a few tools that I have recently been playing with at home and on the job. The end-ish goal while be to have an infrastructure built from code that is easy to manipulate as you see fit and that can scale.

This project will evolve over time as I learn and share my experiences in building out this lab. I have a number of tools in mind that I plan to start with but I know I will discover more along the way.

The Goods

The current plan will be to start with the following:


GitHub is the place to put all of your code. A great online repository that you can put up all of your code and collaborate with others for free (Now with free private repos).


Terraform, by HashiCorp, is an open source tool built entirely around deploying Infrastructure as Code.


Docker is a very popular, open source container engine.


AWS is currently one of the most used cloud providers available.


VMware is a leader in enterprise virtualization.

There are number of other tools that I will very much dive into as this project moves along but these will be the initial elements used.

The first goal will be to setup an application in, Docker containers, running on hosts that have been with deployed with Terraform, on AWS and VMware. All of this will be configured using a combination of Python scripts and YAML code stored in GitHub. The end result will be an easily deploy-able Container lab.

Where are the pictures?

Pictures? Did you read the title? Worry not I will do my best to make it all as interesting as I can. I’ll be sharing my images and code as I build this project out. If you are interested in IaC then please check back as I plan to add regular progress on this project. I think Infrastructure as Code is more than a buzz phrase (even if it is one), but also a very easy way to build out a lot in a very structured fashion.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more IaC fun.