VMware vSphere and DynamicOps Overview




I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to spend some time with the DynamicOps team at one of my customer accounts recently.  DynamicOps (Cloud Automation Center aka DCAC) is a very robust tool that provides many of the attributes that we need to run “IaaS” or “Infrastructure as a Service”.  The self-service portal, approvals, automation, support for physical/virtual/cloud is something that DynamicOps has mastered in their solution set.   I now see why VMware made the decision to add DynamicOps to the strategic vision that we are executing against.

I thought I would pull a short video clip together that showed some of the base functionality of DynamicOps and how it integrates with VMware vSphere.  This demo environment is based off the VMworld labs that some of you may have experienced in San Francisco 2012.  The remainder of you better be at VMworld 2012 Barcelona to get some stick time with DynamicOps!  I will be there how about you?



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