Possible Issue With VMAX Running Enginuity 5876

If you have a VMAX running 5876, beware when deleting hypers on disks containing VAULT devices.  One of my mainframe guys deleted hypers from his disk group in order to make them larger.  Once they are deleted, the disks without VAULT devices are all free.  Disks that do have VAULT devices do not return their free space.

Here’s an example:

If I run symdisk -v -hypers -gaps -sid xxx-disk_group <disk group number) list |MORE , I can see the hypers on the disks in that group. As we can see, disk DF-10D D5 does not contain a VAULT device.  My free space on this disk consists of a single 8MB GAP at the end.

If I go and delete the 15 devices from this disk, here’s what I get:

A nice clean disk with 279GB of free space ready to go.

Here’s a disk with a VAULT device:

Note the 5200MB VAULT, and the 13417GB GAP at the end, and note the free space number.  The GAP is the free space.  Now I’ll delete the 14 hypers.

Now, with all the hypers gone, my free space is still 13417.  So I’m missing the space that should have been freed when deleting those 14 18GB devices.

I have a ticket open on this, and the engineering team is looking at it.  I wanted to warn you guys, so you don’t get stuck with the same issue before they get it fixed.