Satyam Vaghani – VMware Storage – Yesterday and Tomorrow
















Yesterday, I attended the Carolina VMware Users Summit in Charlotte.  The morning keynote speaker was Satyam Vaghani, who is really the father of VMFS.  He walked the VMUG attendees through the history of VMFS, and VMware storage as a whole.

In my opinion, this was one of the most valuable sessions at the VMUG, and although my recording is terrible (Notability on iPad), this session deserves to be shared.  I was able to reduce some of the noise in post processing, but this is definitely not broadcast quality.

If you’re really interested in VMware storage, it’s worth a listen, despite the quality.  I honestly could have sat in this keynote for another couple hours absorbing information.


Here’s an outline:

– Birth of VMFS

– In’s and Out’s of Locking

– Optimistic Locking and Performance

– VAAI Intricacies

– The Future (vVOL, VM granular storage, I/O Demux)


Here’s a link to the recording.  I will add slides as soon as I can get them.

Slides are here!!

Update: For those who exhibit lots of “Virtual Insanity” and want to know even more about VMFS, Satyam sent me a link to a white paper he wrote on VMFS.