VMware vExpert 2012!!!






Virtual Insanity has two vExperts on staff now! Myself and Scott Sauer were both chosen vExpert for 2012.


What is a vExpert? The program was started by VMware in 2009 and is driven by VMware community mavensĀ Alex Maier and John Troyer. The title is awarded to individuals who have significantly contributed to the VMware community over the past year. This is the first year employees are eligible, so I am glad to see Scott get recognized for his great writing here, and for putting together the vNews newsletter.


Here is more information on the vExpert program.


Here is the complete list for 2012, and a Twitter link to follow all the vExperts.


Congrats to everyone! I am proud to be on any list with these VMware heavyweights!!!


Thanks to all who voted! Thanks to Alex and John! I look forward to being able to contribute more to the community throughout the year.


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  1. Thanks Brandon, Congrats to you as well. You have been putting out some awesome content and it’s well deserved!

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