Someone left keys in the front door…

Hi my name is Greg Madro and I am here because someone thought it would be a good idea that I share my innermost thoughts with the world (cough Jeremiah Megie). Clearly Jeremiah never actually listened to me when we worked together or he thought this would be a fun social experiment. Nonetheless I thank him for this opportunity and in the coming months I hope to help revitalize this already well established blog with some of my own insights and knowledge.

And now for the back story… I have worked in IT since 2001 and for the last 8 years my primary focus has been with Virtualizing datacenters with VMware. Along the way I have dabbled in some storage work on NetApp, have worked in very large global infrastructures, and during this past VMworld, achieved my VCIX6-DCV. Over the last two years my focus has been changing to be a lot more development oriented. The buzzphrase of the day, Infrastructure as Code(IaC), fits appropriately with the work that I have been doing as of late and it certainly does not seem to be shifting away from that course any time soon.

Primarily I have been working in Powershell to make my work life a little more automated, help others get things done a bit faster, and ultimately over complicate many tasks with scripts because it’s just damn fun to write your own solution to a problem. No i don’t care that can just right click in the web client and edit settings on a vm, I want to do it in code with well formatted JSON output! Last year I was introduced to Python with its many strengths as a scripting language and the man ways you can use it to manipulate the vSphere stack.

Outside of my IaC work I have finally started to embrace the cloud. Yes I was one of those datacenter driven curmudgeons yelling at kids and their silly “cloud” but I have had a chance to get deeper into some of the offerings and have been truly impressed with how it all can be pieced together. As witnessed at this past VMworld, VMware is clearly invested in a hybrid strategy moving forward. I look forward to getting deeper into AWS (And passing the solutions architect cert the next go around) and likely diving in with Azure and Google Compute to see how all of these solutions will match up to each other.

That is all for this preamble. I look forward sharing my knowledge with anyone who is willing to read through it and look forward to the collaborations that will come out of it all.