Tintri SyncVM

For most of you that know me, you are already aware I left VMware around 5 months ago to join Tintri. VMware is a great company and I’m very grateful for having the opportunity. While at VMware, I had several customers that deployed Tintri storage appliances and I never met a customer who simply didn’t rave about it. When the opportunity presented itself, I was extremely excited to take on a new journey.

Having been on board now for a little over 5 months, I simply can’t believe how simple, high performing, and feature rich our product line is. The following demo illustrates a recent feature release known as SyncVM. Not only can you synchronize an entire VM to multiple points in time, you can sync individual vDisks from other VMs.

This demonstration shows the simple process of synchronizing a production DB down to a test system. Then reverts back to the test systems previous state. Stay tuned as even more advanced SyncVM features will be announced soon!


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