New Tintri Collateral – Backup Best Practices and Veeam Integration!




Hopefully you no longer have a tape changer on staff as the above image eludes to but, just a short post to let the Tintri community know that we have released a few new technical documents to the community.  Personally I love seeing Tintri continue to produce both innovative products as well as technical collateral to support those solutions for our customer base.



The first document that we released is a document that covers backup and recovery best practices while utilizing the Tintri VMstore.  This document covers topics on data protection in general built into the Tintri VMstore, i.e. snapshots and replication.  It also includes how to achieve image level backupsand supported transports, VADP, HotAdd, NBD etc.  The document also covers how to recover data, an even more important component to backups!



The second document is one that has been sought after by many of my customers personally, so I am glad to see Tintri has brought this to fruition.  A great technical deep dive that documents leveraging Veeam software for data protection, and how that integrates with the Tintri VMstore.  (Nice work Dominic!).

I hope you enjoy these two new tech documents, just wanted to make a quick mention!  Look for more great things coming right around the corner, very excited to be delivering on some wonderful technical roadmap items this year!


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