Feedback is old and busted. Feed Forward is the new hotness.

We’ve all been there. You just sat through a terribly boring presentation that could have been so much better. If only the feedback form you’re about to fill out had made it to the presenter yesterday.


Since most of us spend all our free time on IT, and virtually none on quantum physics, there’s no way we can accomplish that kind of preemptive feedback.  Sure, you can run through a presentation with the wife, or with your Uncle Si.  But they’re not able to give you the kind of feedback you really need to make your presentation a huge hit. If only you had that time machine.

Apparently Duncan Epping, Scott Lowe, and Mike Laverick have been studying physics in their spare time, because they have come up with a solution.  It’s called Feed Forward, and it’s about to take off in a major way with the VMUG organization around the globe.

What exactly is Feed Forward?  It’s a program where a potential presenter can get help, and feedback from pros before giving a presentation. The program is just getting off the ground, but some of the early experiences have been great.  I believe this program will be a way to get more, and better content to VMUG’s. A lot of people who have experiences, or relevant expertise to share, are reluctant to step up. This program would allow them to pitch their presentation at others without risk, and get feedback that helps them understand how their presentation would benefit the group.

As an ardent supporter of the National Forensics League, I believe strongly that public speaking, and empirical presentation skills are invaluable. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to programs like this growing up. Too often, people reach a point in their career where their inability to present holds them back. We all need to be able to present, because in the end, we are all salespeople. Whether we’re selling the boss on a new idea, or simply selling ourselves to a perspective employer, practice helps tremendously.

Feed Forward is one way to get that practice, and get some constructive feedback from people who are adept at presenting, and understand the subject matter that is most relevant to your perspective audience.

I am not sure if this will be limited to VMUG presentations in the long run, or if it will expand beyond that to VMworld, and even presentations for other groups. But I have to say, I am on board 100%, and I strongly encourage our readers to sign up here to stay abreast of Feed Forward developments. Also, if you have ideas or comments on Feed Forward, I am sure the guys would love to hear them.