Protecting the Software-Defined World

Today, EMC announced their next generation of backup and recovery solutions.  I was unable to attend the announcement.  A replay of the announcement can be found here.  The new announcements include Data Protection Suite enhancements, a New Data Domain OS and new deployment models for VPLEX.

One of the keys to protecting the software-defined world is being able to deliver Data Protection as a Service.  The goal is to integrate with hypervisors, segregated tenant workloads as well as support for public, private and hybrid clouds.  Another item of importance is to meet SLA requirements at scale, from continuous availability to backup and replication to archive and compliance.

The enhancements to the Data Protection Suite include Avamar 7.1, Networker 8.2 and MozyEnterprise.  One of the exciting announcements from my perspective is a new Avamar plug-in for vCloud Director.  This is the first standard API for VMware service providers.  The Avamar plug-in will allow for embedded backup services within vCloud Director.  Another Avamar enhancement includes the ability to backup all workloads to Data Domain including applications, virtual environment, remote offices as well as desktops/laptops.  There is now much closer integration between Avamar and Data Domain.


Chad Sakac wrote an excellent post here that talks about vCloud Suite and vCHS Protection realized from today’s Data Protection announcement.

As mentioned, there were some enhancements made to Networker.  One of my favorites is support for both block and NAS based snapshots with support for VNX, Isilon and NetApp (NAS).  Snapshots are now auto-discovered and cataloged providing a centralized view of all snapshots.  The ability to rollover to a backup media such as tape is now supported which helps drive down data protection cost and is part of the overall data protection continuum.


Data Domain now allows you to backup enterprise applications such as SAP, SAP Hana, SQL and IBM DB2 using DD Boost.  Touching upon the ability to data protection to private, public and hybrid cloud, Data Domain can now protect a workload in any of these cloud environments.  Tenant management is included which provides logical data isolation for administrators as well as the ability to assign roles for users and admins.

Not to be forgotten is a new virtual edition of VPLEX.  VPLEX VE leverages ESXi and leverages the mobility and availability of vSphere.  Included is a plug-in for vCenter.  Right now VPLEX VE support iSCSI-based storage only with VNXe being the first iSCSI-based array being supported.  Additional storage arrays are on the roadmap.  The current distance limitation is 5ms of round-trip latency.


The final announcement is the introduction of Metro-Point which will provide continuous availability utilizing multiple sites.  Basically 3 sites will be utilized with only a single DR copy being used for continuous availability.  CDP is utilized both sides of Metro Point.  It is completely heterogeneous with support for XtremIO, VNX, VMAX, IBM and HP being mentioned during the announcement.

Of course Chad Sakac wrote a great post about VPLEX VE as well, it can be found here.

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