A new blog for Aaron

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When I started VirtualInsanity in 2008, I never anticipated what it would become.  Instead of just place where I would post random thoughts ever so often, it has become a place that many new and part-time bloggers have come to call their virtual home.  By this measure alone, I think VirtualInsanity can be deemed a “success.” 


The one challenge I personally have with VirtualInsanity, is that the content of our bloggers is very much virtualization and infrastructure heavy.  That is by no means a bad thing.  Not at all.  But for me, my focus the past few years has been on automation and orchestration, application development, and an overall trend/ movement that is known as DevOps.   Can I create content in my newer areas of focus here on VirtualInsanity?  Sure, but I don’t think it resonates very well with the typical VirtualInsanity reader.



Therefore I’ve decided it’s time for me to create a new blog, ActualClouds which will be a site dedicated to the non-infrastructure and non-virtualization pieces of cloud computing.  But let me also be clear about one thing … VirtualInsanity is going no where.  I plan to transfer ownership of the blog to Scott Sauer, one of my original co-authors, where he and the other bloggers will continue to post here (as will I from time to time).


So, wish me luck.  ActualClouds is live and I posted my first entry this morning, BladeLogic Integration via vCO and SOAP.  Please stop by and check it out.  And if you like what you see, please help me get the word out about ActualClouds.


–Aaron Sweemer (Principal Systems Engineer @ VMware)