Download the VMware vCAC Icon Pack




VMware vCloud Automation Center is a very powerful tool that many of my customers are starting to deploy within their organizations. What is vCloud Automation Center you say?  Directly from our vCAC website: “Rapidly deploy and provision cloud services across private and public clouds, physical infrastructures, hypervisors and public cloud providers with VMware vCloud Automation Center. vCloud Automation Center allows authorized users access to standardized IT services through a secure self-service portal, acting as a service governor and helping enforce business and IT policies throughout the service lifecycle.”



As I mentioned in my previous blog post after VMware first acquired DynamicOps, vCAC is a self-service interface that begins to hand off some of the manual provisioning tasks that many organizations deal with.  This allows your organization to become much more agile, spinning up physical/virtual/cloud resources on the fly.  Having a nice visual representation of your service catalog is important for your end users as we begin to make this shift to a self-service model.  You want your customers to have a nice experience as they begin to consume your services, to entice them to adopt and return back in the future.  Customizing this portal for your environment is critical.  vCAC ships with a few icons that represent your infrastructure and services, but they are very limited in nature.

I decided to pull together a lot of industry infrastructure icons that customers might find useful when they are building out their service catalog.  I have resized them to the correct format for vCAC 32×32, and saved them as .PNG files as supported by the product.


Why go with this?



When you can have this!


vCAC Icon Pack


To import the icon pack, simply login as your vCAC administrator that you have already defined.  1.  Goto the “vCAC Administrator” incon on the left side of the menu as shown.  2.  Select the menu option “Customization” within this menu category.



1.  Once you have selected the “Customization” menu option go to the upper right hand side of the screen.  2.  Select the “Icons” tab that is called out in the image above.  Extract the icon files from the zip file to a local folder on your machine.  3.  Select the browse button to import the icons that you find useful for your environment.


Ready for the vCAC Icon Pack?  Click the link below!