Keep SRM From Renaming Datastores on Recovery

VMware Site Recovery Manager is one of the best products in the VMware arsenal.  If you’re using SRM, there have been some welcome changes in recent versions.  One is the sheer magic of automatically resignaturing your datastores, and managing the whole process transparently.

The only problem is, when the datasores fail over, they get renamed like a snapshot would.


This might not be a problem for you, since VMware takes care of the vmx, and everything else in the background.  But depending on what you use for backups, not having hte same datastore name could have a huge impact on your recovery.

There used to be an XML file you could change to fix this behavior, but in the 5.x versions, they moved the setting into the GUI.  Just to avoid the pain of poking around trying to find it, I thought I’d throw out a blog post.  There don’t seem to be many out there on this.

All you need to do is right click on the site, and go to Advanced Settings.

Put a check in the box that says storageProvider.fixRecoveredDatastoreNames.

Next time you do a failover, you won’t have the snap prefix on your datastores.  If you still have some residual ones with the wrong name, you will need to rename those manually before doing your next failover.

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