VMworld 2012 v0dgeball

Although there’s plenty of forthcoming VMworld related bloggery churning around in my head, I thought I’d go ahead and post some pics from v0dgeball 2012 for your enjoyment.  The event was a good time, and we raised $13k for the Wounded Warriors.  Chad has the complete breakdown and video here.

I agreed to sub in only if someone on our team suffered trauma.  Hey. . .someone had to take the pics.  😉

Team Tech Field Day / vExpert 2 hears the starting gun.

This looks imminent.

A coordinated assault from my team!

NetApp about to end it for the EMC team. . . or are they?

The most amazing comeback since Bon Jovi!

I just put this one in for EMC’s health insurance underwriters.

A fine looking bunch of sweaty people.

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