VMworld 2012 and Socialcast Unite!




Are you Ready?

Hopefully you read my last Socialcast blog post so you know that I have been working on developing the Socialcast hands on labs for VMworld 2012.  I also mentioned two other efforts I was working on to raise the visibility of Socialcast at VMworld 2012.  Reaching out to the Socialcast team to leverage Socialcast for the attendees of the VMworld conference, and the other was engaging one of my customers (one of the largest Socialcast customers) to present at a general session.  I am happy to report that I have successfully completed 3 out of 3 of my objectives and all of these components are going to take place.


Socialcast General Sessions

One of the largest customers that I support, happens to be one of the largest Socialcast implementations we have in production.  I reached out to Jeff Ross of Humana, and Jeff agreed to present this year at VMworld 2012.  Check out the two sessions that Jeff will be leading, I suggest you attend both of these if you are seriously considering the adoption of a corporate social networking platform.  Jeff has the experience and wisdom of what it takes to successfully bring Socialcast into production in a corporate environment.  Thanks for stepping up Jeff, I am looking forward to your sessions!  Sign up for either of Jeff’s sessions with the links below.


Jeff-245x279 (1)



EUC2909 – Using Socialcast to Build a Successful Internal Social Collaboration Community
While a majority of employees participate in at least one social network outside of work, not all companies use the power of social networks internally to their own advantage. In this presentation, learn how the Fortune 100 company Humana Inc. went from zero to a dynamic internal community with 20,000 users and 1,000 groups in a two-year period using the Socialcast® platform. Learn from the things it did well and from its mistakes. Companies won’t succeed with a “build it and they will come” attitude when it comes to internal social platforms. It takes a strategy, sound online community principles, resources and constant effort to grow in quantity and quality, break down internal silos and foster a sense of community that transcends geographical and functional boundaries. This session will provide substantive detail of one company’s successful implementation so that your current or future implementation can succeed as well.
Jeff Ross – Community Manager, Humana Inc.


EUC2592 – Gain Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Social: Best Practices from Leading Companies on the Front Lines
Section 1 – Building the case for Enterprise Social Networks Provide a general overview of Social Technologies and their impact on organizations. •    The Social World – The world is being transformed by social technologies and new ways of working •    The Social Enterprise – An enterprise becomes social when it develops the skills and a strategy to apply mass collaboration to business challenges and opportunities •    The Promise of Socialcast – What we were hoping to gain by implementing an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) – Vision, strategy, features and benefits Section 2 – Evaluating and Implementing a Successful Enterprise Social Network Highlight key elements and best practices of the implementation process including business system integrations and governance. Section 3 – Driving Adoption, Engagement and Business Value Showcase key statistics, use cases and business value outcomes of a successful ESN journey.
Marc Fenner – Sr. Business Analyst, VMware, Inc.
Jeff Ross – Community Manager, Humana Inc.
Becky Graebe – Corporate Communications Manager, SAS
Joan Bodensteiner – VP Marketing, Socialcast, VMware, Inc.


Hands on Labs

Countless hours went into putting this lab together with my co-captain Patrick O’Brien, and I hope you enjoy some of the fun that we built into the lab. The goal was to give attendees quick visibility into the product, from both an end user perspective, as well as an application administration perspective. We were told to design two labs each 30 minute product overviews. Here is what you can look forward to when you come take my lab at VMworld 2012!! (shameless self plug goes here).



Look for special guest appearances in the Socialcast labs from a movie you have most likely seen!  Can you take a guess which character role you will be taking on?

Socialcast Lab 1 (HOL-EUC-07-01): VMware Socialcast Feature Walkthrough (30 min Abstract: This lab will introduce the participant to the advanced features of Socialcast, the market-leading enterprise social network. Socialcast allows your company to easily collaborate on ideas, documents, and projects. The participant will login to an interactive Socialcast environment to get a feel for what a production deployment of Socialcast might look like.

Socialcast Lab 2 (HOL-EUC-07-02): Administration of VMware Socialcast (30 min Product Lab) Abstract: This lab will introduce the advanced administration features of VMware Socialcast. Participants will learn how to configure and customize a Socialcast community, extend Socialcast into other business applications such as SharePoint, and utilize Socialcast’s advanced business analytics. Participants will login to the Socialcast Cluster Management Console (SCMC) and configure administrative tasks (setup backups, create support bundle).


Socialcast for VMworld attendees

I reached out to our CMO Rick Jackson to propose the concept of conference attendees have access to Socialcast for the actual conference. Rick informed me that we actually already had efforts underway to try to make this happen and pointed me to the team that was working this VMworld project.

The marketing team has given me the go-ahead to reveal that conference attendees will be able to login to a special VMworld 2012 SaaS version of Socialcast and collaborate between each other. This will give you another great way to hook up with friends, find out what’s going on, and post pictures of your friends on stage with Jon Bon Jovi!

Download the Socialcast mobile app for your device now, you will be able to access the site from the device of your choice to keep up with friends and colleges through out the entire event!  The Socialcast site should be opening up to registered attendees later this week.

Here is a screenshot of the Socialcast http://vmworld.socialcast.com attendee interface that you will soon have access too:


Here are a few of the initial groups that have been created, look forward to many more!





VMworld 2012 will be a great event offering attendees a wealth of VMware knowledge and information.  Set some time aside out of your busy agenda to examine Socialcast for your enterprise.  There will be several different ways to get technical information, and Jeff will take you through his journey at Humana and discuss some of the best practices around standing up a Social collaboration platform in a large corporation.  Come find me in the labs when you get some downtime and we can catch up!

Don’t forget, you can get 50 free seats of Socialcast for your business today so give it a shot, simply scan the QR code below!