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2012 ushers in some great new changes from the field technical team at VMware.  I  am merging the Ohio Valley Newsletter with the Wisconsin based field newsletter (aka vNews) in an effort to make it more all encompassing.  This content is designed to inform our customers of important updates from VMware from a technical perspective.  It also highlights some great public blog posts that might have snuck by you while you weren’t looking.  We will be moving away from the older legacy.pdf based version of the newsletter to a modernized delivery method, “SlideRocket”.  Here is the link to the first addition! 



Please make sure you subscribe  to the newsletter if you wish to receive these monthly newsletters in your inbox.  As always feedback is welcome and will help shape the content for future issues of the vNews!  Special thanks to Ben Sier, Vitaly Tsipris and Jeff Whitman for their contributions and driving to pull this off.  Let us know your thoughts!


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  1. I like the SlideRocket format very much. It is very cool that you can add comments right in the presentation. My wish; Maybe use less agressive colors and a more “boring” (grin) scheme.

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