Tom’s Picks for VMWorld 2011 – Speaker Recommendations


Over the past few VMWorld events, I have sent a list of speaker recommendations to my customers outlining some of my personal picks for the sessions I think would be the best to attend based on either my direct experience with the speaker, through personal relationship, or presenting with them at another event. I have combed through all of the speaker sessions, and chosen only the ones that I know (IMHO) who are “golden” in technical knowledge or presentation skills! Try not to miss the ones marked “Highly Recommended” as they are sessions that have an extraordinary speaker or topic.

Remember, the standard disclaimer applies: These are my own picks (not those of VMware, and not meant to be exclusive of the many other talented presenters and contributors) so your mileage may vary! BTW, stop by the Hands-On Lab at both Vegas and Copenhagen this year to say hi, since that is where I will be living with my other Lab Captains!–-Toms-Picks.pdf

  1. Also, I will be adding sessions here that I either missed or were added after my initial roll through the catalog. My esteemed colleague Duncan Epping mentioned to me that he highly recommends:
    VSP3116 – Resource Management Deepdive with Frank Denneman, Valentin Hamburger, and Jason Eden. 

    Since I don’t know Frank personally, I missed the session, but if Duncan says it will be a great session, that is good enough for me! Thanks Duncan!

  2. Another colleague, Michael White, pointed out to me that Kyle Gleed is actually a Technical Marketing Manager rather than a PM, Mark Achtemichuk is a Specialist SE for performance and is not an engineer, and Charu Charubal is not on the security team (though done work in Security) but is a Group Manager in TM so for accuracy, I am posting those corrections here! There will also be some confidential sessions that will be available, but not yet announced, so when they go public, I will add them here as well..
    Thanks Michael!

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