vFabric … it’s not just for knitting anymore

If you’re a VMware fan, you have probably already seen the graphic above, or some variation thereof.  And you’re also probably already pretty familiar with the blue layer, or the Infrastructure layer of the cloud computing “stack.”  In addition, you’re probably well versed in the orange layer, or the End User Computing layer.  But what about that green layer?

That green layer is commonly referred to as cloud middleware, or the vFabric Cloud Application Platform.  It’s the ooey-gooey middle layer that leaves most of us in IT scratching our heads.  It’s where software developers live and breathe, but for rest of us, it’s the layer we have traditionally avoided like Charlie Sheen avoids sanity.

I’ll be talking more about vFabric in future posts, but today I’d like to focus on WaveMaker, because it’s an exciting piece for those of us that aren’t software developers.  It may be just the tool that gets us to dip our toes into that ooey-gooey green later.

OK, so what is WaveMaker and how will it fit into that graphic above?  First,the official news blurb …

VMware closed its acquisition of WaveMaker on Friday March 4, 2011.  WaveMaker is a widely used graphical tool that enables non-expert developers to build web applications quickly.  This acquisition furthers VMware’s cloud application platform strategy by empowering additional developers to build and run modern applications that share information with underlying infrastructure to maximize performance, quality of service and infrastructure utilization.

Great, soooooo what does that mean for readers of this blog?  WaveMaker is a tool built just for us!  It is the tool that will enable us to build web applications very quickly and deploy them to the cloud (that ooey-gooey green layer of the cloud) with a single mouse click.  WaveMaker claims it can eliminate98% of code, cut the web development learning curve by 92% and reduce software maintenance by 75%.  Here are a couple of other bullet points you’ll find interesting …

  • WaveMaker eliminates Java coding for building Web 2.0 applications
  • WaveMaker Studio generates standard Java apps
  • One-click deployment eliminates the complexity of deploying web apps to enterprise or cloud based hosting.

For more information, be sure to check out Rod Johnson’s blog post VMware acquires WaveMaker.  And of course make sure you visit the WaveMaker website.  While you’re there, download the software and give it test drive!  After you do, be sure to let me know what you think.