UPDATE: An Opportunity to Voice YOUR Feedback for the Next VCP Test!!


I am one of the SE SME content contributors to the VCP certification exam testing and blueprint process at VMware, and as we are about to start the analysis portion for preparation of  the next version of the exam (and no, I cannot share any timelines or version numbers since they are under NDA!), I thought it might be a good opportunity to get some direct feedback from the VCP certified readers of this blog to take back to my curriculum development colleagues. So this is YOUR opportunity to tell me what you like, dislike, would like to see changed, areas that need more or less content coverage, etc. Please be honest, but reasonable and constructive as well. I will take the feedback from the comments back to our upcoming curriculum development meetings. Let your voice be heard!


UPDATE: Thanks for all of the feedback folks! I have submitted the input to others in the curriculum dev team as we start to formulate the next tests. I have had one informal conversation with one of the test developers, and he agreed that we will be looking to not totally eliminate the min/max, but reduce it to -5% of the overall test question complement…So mission accomplished on your feedback! Let me know if you have other comments or suggestions!TMac

  1. I would agree with Kendrick, the maximums most are a waste of questions. If I need to know one of these I take a min and google it.
    I think more questions related to real world daily tasks that an admin would be performing.

  2. Should there then be more real world task questions format then vs. the multiple guess format? An example outlining a given scenario and what the admin should do as a best course of action to remediate or fix that scenario?

  3. I also agree with kendrick that the maximum and minimum values is a waste of time as all it proves is that you can memorise the values. I say do some simulation ones like Scott mentioned and also maybe a few drag and drop questions where you need to order the steps to do certain things/select the correct values. Also a good idea is maybe doing a scenario part where you have a specific company and they have certain needs and you need to decide the best solutions for them but have loads of posible scenarios to stop braindumps etc and also feeds to using your knowledge of whats best rather than reurgitating information.

  4. I would say drop NPIV! I have seen something on NPIV in almost every single VMware example I have done -but have never touched it in my life and know of about 2 people that have.
    Make more real-life scenarios, and how to tasks.
    Add some troubleshooting to the exam as well

  5. In my humble opinion, a mix of simulation and multiple choice questions in addition to drag and drop would be better rather than a set of multiple choice questions.

  6. Preferably we can include more questions on DVS , host profiling and some simulations. That would really test the skillset of an hands on guy, instead of book worm person.

  7. I think that scenario based questions would be great. Demonstrating practical knowledge instead of minimums / maximums would bring more to the VCP certification. I agree with VMware requiring the classes only to the point that it stops the “paper pros” that Microsoft has been cranking out for years.

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