VMware Capacity IQ 1.5 Storage Metrics Missing?


There are a lot of the customers I cover in my region that are really starting to see the value in VMware’s management tools.  As virtual machines now outnumber physical machines, customers need some tools to help report against their existing infrastructure as well as predict and prepare for future virtual machine workloads.  One of my favorite VMware tools that I liked when I was on the customer side was a product called Capacity IQ.  I wrote up a blog post that I think people found useful that was basically an overview of the benefits of the product.  You can check that post out here.  I tell most of my customers about it, because it’s simple to setup (virtual appliance) and it gives you loads of great information about your existing infrastructure.

One of my customers that is moving forward with a CapIQ implementation e-mailed me about what types of storage metrics are available from the product.  I was happy to inform him that Capacity IQ 1.5 was just released and provides some great storage statistics that can now be reported against.  Much to my dismay, he told me that he wasn’t seeing the storage report data, the metrics were all blank.

Here are the requirements to get the reports to produce storage related information:

You  need the vCenter management webservices running for CapIQ to collect some of the storage metrics. The storage IO metrics require you to have ESX 4.1.  When you use ESX 4.0 or earlier hosts, the following metrics appear with dashes (–) and affect the Dashboard, the Datastores – List view, the Virtual Machine Capacity – Summary view, and the Virtual Machine Capacity Usage – Trend view:

* Disk I/O read/write
* Disk I/O reads/writes per second
* Disk I/O read/write latency
* VM Disk I/O read/write latency