What you missed at VMworld 2010

If you couldn’t attend VMworld 2010 which occurred last week, here is what you missed (in no particular order) …

Breaking Records … VMworld 2010 by the Numbers

How big was VMworld this year? Bigger than ever. Here are some statistics you might find interesting.

  • 17,021: The number of registered attendees. This is up from 12,500 last year, and up from 1,400 at the first VMworld in 2004!
  • 85: The number of countries represented by attendees.
  • 55: People who have attended every VMworld (I know one of them, and it’s not me … who are the others?)
  • 15,344: The number of labs delivered via the VMworld Lab Cloud. This is up from 4,500 last year!
  • 145,097: The number of VMs deployed to support the 15,344 labs.
  • 4,000: The number of VMs running per hour (on average) in the labs.

The VMworld 2010 Lab Cloud – Real Cloud Computing in Action


All VMworld labs were delivered via the Lab Cloud and let me tell you, it was beyond impressive.  Imagine walking into massive room filled with nearly 500 lab stations, sitting down at one of those lab stations, selecting from a catalog of close to 30 labs, and having your lab deployed for you on demand via a hybrid cloud.  Think about that for a second.  Many companies still believe cloud computing is nothing more than a marketing term. And even more believe that true cloud computing is still a few years (or more) out. But VMware really flexed its muscles by delivering 15k+ labs and 145k+ VMs via a true cloud computing solution, powered by VMware software and running on both Verizon and Terramark cloud offerings.  Duncan Epping gives us more details with his blog post, VMworld Labs the Aftermath.

Micro$oft and Citrix Shenanigans

You know, it really wouldn’t feel like a VMworld if both Citrix and Micro$oft weren’t prancing around with a variety of childish marketing tactics.  And this year, they certainly didn’t disappoint!

  • Citrix – As they have in previous years, Citrix littered every billboard and taxi cab top in a five block radius (probably greater) of Moscone Center.  But this year, they really went the extra mile and completely wrapped a whole bunch of taxis in advertising, and then hired them to drive around the event.  But here’s the kicker … they weren’t allowed to take passengers!  You ask, what’s the big deal?  Well, don’t you find it somewhat ironic that a company that promotes “Green IT” (i.e. saving CO2 emissions) via their software, decided to advertise by a means that does nothing more than waste CO2?  I mean, if the taxis could actually take passengers, then at least you could make an argument that the CO2 was well used.  Or at the very least, it was used for something other than FUD.

    I made a comment via Twitter that pointed out their use of non-passenger taking taxis for advertising during the event.  In response, both @CitrixPR and @simoncrosby said my claims were untrue.  So to prove I am not a liar (and they are), I tried to get a ride with one of the taxis.  Here’s what happened …

  • Micro$oft – I think I’ll file this next one under the category, “Hey Pot, this is Kettle, what color am I again?”  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Micro$oft, the absolute king of “vendor lock-in” took out a full page ad in USA Today warning VMware customers about multi-year license agreements.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a photo taken by @ssauer.


  • Why in the world would I highlight these shenanigans here?  Because with these actions, both Citrix and Micro$oft have done two things.  First, they continue to validate our direction and clear leadership in this space.  And second, they are showing their desperation and inability to keep up.  This may be a pretty bold statement, but let’s face facts, FUD is the weapon of followers, not leaders.  (And by the way, I LOVE the fact that Micro$oft opened their letter with “Dear VMware Customers.”  Ummm, aren’t all VMware customers also Micro$oft customers?)

New Product Announcements and Technology Previews

  • View 4.5 – VMware’s next big release of their VDI product will be GA this month.  VMware View is a product that has been around for a while, but this release is packed with a ton of new Enterprise features and it appears that analysts are finally calling it ready for prime time, as noted by the highly respected Chris Wolf (Research VP at Gartner) in his blog post, VMware View 4.5:  Ready for the Large Enterprise.
  • vCloud Director – Next to View 4.5, this is probably the most exciting product announcement at VMworld.  You may know of the product as “Redwood,” the not-so-secret internal code name for the product.  But what is it?  It’s a product that will provide the interface, automation and management required by enterprises and services providers to build private and public clouds.  Duncan Epping is very familiar with the product and gives us a great overview with his blog post, VMware vCloud Director (vCD).
  • vCloud Datacenter Services – vCloud Datacenter Services deliver globally consistent enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure services.  From the VMware website

Offered by VMware-certified service providers (Verizon, Terremark, Bluelock, SignTel and Colt are the first five), vCloud Datacenter Services provide the business agility and cost effectiveness of public clouds without compromising on portability, compatibility, security and control demanded by enterprise IT organizations.

  • vShield App, vShield Edge, vShield Endpoint – What is the biggest concern executives have when it comes to cloud computing?  Opinions vary, but no matter who you talk to, everyone would put security in the top three list of concerns.  And most would put security in the number one spot.  So to help address this, VMware announced three new products that are aimed directly at solving security issues in the cloud:  vSheild App, vShield Edge and vShield Endpoint.
  • Project Horizon – Steve Herrod gave us a preview of new product in development at VMware, currently called Project Horizon.  What is it?  It’s kind of hard to describe, but think of an Apple like App Store for the enterprise (not that an App Store is 100% descriptive, but I would say it’s close).  I can tell you it generated a lot of buzz and chatter on Twitter.  One particular Tweet during the keynote that caught my eye came from Chris Wolf …

SaaS, thin apps, virt desktops provisioning, plus Single Sign On for SaaS – exactly why Horizon is game changer.

New Acquisitions

During Steve Herrod’s keynote speech on Tuesday, he announced the following two acquistions.

  • Integrien delivers real-time infrastructure monitoring, analysis and alerting capabilities.  More details will be revealed in time, but it’s obvious their products align nicely with VMware’s cloud computing vision.
  • TriCipher brings technology that will provide layer of security to existing VMware products.  TriCipher delivers identity-based security, which will integrate a hybrid of different clouds and enable access to SaaS applications from a variety end points.

Best of VMworld 2010 Awards

Congratulations to the Best of VMworld 2010 Award winners!!  Check out the companies and products that really shined at this year’s event.
Category Winner
Business Continuity / Data Protection Symantec for NetBackup 7
Security VMware for vShield
Management VKernel for Capacity Management Suite
Hardware Virtualization Cisco Systems for Cisco Nexus 7000 Overlay Transport Virtualization
Desktop Kaviza for Kaviza VDI in-a-box 3.0
Private Cloud Computing newScale for newScale 9
Public/Hybrid Cloud Computing Terremark for Enterprise Cloud
New Technology Veeam Software for Veeam Backup & Replication 5.0 Enterprise Edition
Best of Show Veeam Software for Veeam Backup & Replication 5.0 Enterprise Edition

And that’s what you missed at VMworld 2010.  See you next year!


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