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You may have noticed over the past few years there have been a number of authors here at Virtual Insanity.  Some have contributed only once or twice.  Others contribute (or plan to contribute) on a regular basis.  In fact, there are now seven authors who call Virtual Insanity home (ordered by number of posts) …

  • Aaron Sweemer (me) – Senior Systems Engineer at VMware
  • Scott Sauer – Systems Engineer at VMware
  • Rick Westrate – Director of Cloud Services at Eastern Computer
  • John Blessing – Technical Consultant at EMC
  • Chris Everett – Senior Systems Engineer at VMware
  • Thomas Mackay (new author!) – Staff Systems Engineer at VMware
  • Jeff Szastak (new author!) – Senior Systems Engineer and Tier 1 Applications Specialist at VMware

I was having a conversation yesterday with a few of my fellow co-authors about how we could improve the blog, make it more valuable for our readers, and make it a powerful and highly recognizable industry resource.  We set some pretty aggressive goals, but to achieve them, we’ll need to produce quality content across a broad range of topics on much more frequent basis.  Unfortunately, the main obstacle each of us face is simply the lack of time to sit down and write meaningful blog posts with any sort of regular frequency.

So what’s the solution?  We need to enlist a few more authors.  And we believe there are others out there like us who enjoy writing and have something valuable to share with the industry.  But also like us, maybe they don’t have the time to blog on a regular basis.  Or possibly, they don’t have a blog, (or don’t want to go through the process of starting a new one).  Does that sound like you?  Are you someone in the virtualization / cloud computing industry that would like to start blogging?  Would you like to take advantage of a blog that’s already established?  If so, then maybe there’s a home for you here at Virtual Insanity.

At this point, the big question you should be asking yourself is … “What’s in it for me?”


Duncan Epping, #1 Virtualization Blogger in the world.
Just kidding, I have no idea who this is.  Just having some fun with Duncan.

Well, we can’t promise you’ll be an overnight celebrity.  But you will meet with a certain level of industry recognition.  As a case in point, both Scott Sauer and John Blessing were able to secure new jobs with VMware and EMC due in no small part to their blogging here at Virtual Insanity.  Today, even with our irregular (and sometimes infrequent) content, we manage to routinely get over 15k pageviews and over 10k visits per month.  And we’re currently sitting in the #45 spot on the Top VMware/Virtualization Blogs.  If we are successful in meeting our goals, then you would certainly have more even visibility than they did as this blog continues to increase in popularity.

So, ready to step up and join us?  First, here are some things you need to know …

Do I have to be a VMware employee?

Nope.  Most of us are, but not all.  Your current employer is irrelevant.

Do I need to be pro VMware?

Nope.  We want this to be a well rounded industry blog, inclusive of all opinions.  We make this promise, any well written, factually accurate, non-misleading content will get posted … even if the content is in favor of a non VMware solution.

What if I’m anti-VMware?

Well that’s a problem.  This is a blog started by a VMware employee, and six of the current bloggers work for VMware or EMC (VMware’s parent company).  So if you’re just anti-VMware, looking for a forum to do some negative trash talkin’, go start your own blog.

Do I need to commit to writing on a regular basis?

Nope.  But it would only beneficial for you if you did.  Writing on a regular basis will increase your visibility.  Furthermore, frequency of quality contributions is the sole criteria for becoming a core contributor of Virtual Insanity.  What is a core contributor?  See last question, “How do I get started?”

What can I write about?

As long as the content is relevant to virtualization / cloud computing … anything you want!

OK, I’m sold, how do I get started?

Well, we need to be careful how we do this.  We obviously don’t want Virtual Insanity to become the dumping ground for anyone who feels like putting a few sentences together.  We must ensure that only individuals who can produce high quality, relevant content are invited to become part of the Virtual Insanity family.  And the challenge is … we don’t know you.  We don’t know who you are, what your background is, how well you can communicate, or how experienced you are in the industry.

So here’s the deal.  If you’re still interested (again, after you’ve read the FAQ above) then you are invited to submit your first blog post to  Be sure to include your full name, a short blurb about who you are, and your contact info.  All submissions will be reviewed by one or more of our core contributors (the seven names listed at the top of this blog post).  If your submission is well written and industry relevant, we will post your work in a soon-to-be-created guest blogging section of the website.  If you continue to submit good content on a fairly regular basis, you will be invited to become a core contributor.

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  1. Interesting idea guys. I completely understand this post, actually I could almost lift it word for word and just change out VMware to PM and it would fit into our blog. 🙂

    Keeping regular post running all the time is bloody hard/time consuming work.
    I will be interested to see a follow up post to this to see how this works out for you.

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