VMware with a Modular Desktop View




I come from a family of artists and I thought some of that intrinsic genetic value kind of flowed in the blood, but by my white boarding skills (illustrated above) apparently that isn’t the case.  I promise I will work on my happy little trees as time permits (Bob Ross reference) and try to move away from my chicken scratch art work.  I only hope that I can make both my family and Bob proud.

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TMac joins Virtual Insanity and shares his thoughts on virtualization in Santiago, Chile

Hello all,

My name is Tom MacKay.  I am a Staff SE for VMware and colleague of Scott and Aaron and have worked closely with John B. (vTrooper!) for a few years now.  In fact, John was my customer at one time (remember that John?), and Aaron was my “mentee” when he joined VMware.  So I have been around at VMware for almost 5 years and seen a dramatic transformation from the days that there were only two of us SEs in the Ohio territory trying to explain to customers why virtualization was a good thing to do!

Aaron and I recently traveled to Santiago, Chile as part of an initial VMware “SE Exchange Program” to present at the VMware vForum there, and Aaron asked if I could add some of my impressions of the trip to the blog. So that no one is confused on this point, I am new to blogging and tweeting, and the other social media aspects of the current scene, so I generally don’t hit the blogs very often. I have a few friends and colleagues you all might know (Duncan, Mike D., etc.), in the blogosphere who do a fantastic job, so this is my attempt at adding my thoughts and input in such a way that might be helpful in some way to the readers.

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