EMC World 2010 – Journey to the Private Cloud

— vTrooper Report — from EMC World

My self-imposed gag order has been lifted since my arrival to EMC.

I’m ready to share some of the great news from EMC World 2010.  Stay tuned for all the announcements in detail but for now:

It’s my first time at EMC World.  I’m an infrastructure guy at heart and have been to Cisco World and VM World a few times, but not the big storage show.  That’s good because EMC is not just a storage company.  My “Firehose” treatment over the past few weeks made certain of that fact. So I’ll warm up to EMC World with a little mood and follow it with content.  All good fun starts with a party:

Welcome Party – Counting Crows

There was a good show by the Counting Crows last evening as a Welcome to all the attendees. The customer and partner count is somewhere in the 5750 approximation.  There were a few spouses and kids in strollers so Mother’s Day was not completely spoiled.  I guess the Moms called the favor of the concert pass and the gents had to oblige. Food and drinks were great. Special thanks to Unisys for the tab.  Lucky for me I spotted @JTroyer in the crowd because of his height.  Steve Kaplan (@roidude) and I chatted for a while and soon a few vSpecialists were spotted.  Glad some of the familiar faces of my VMWorld events were around to catch up.

Keynote – Joe Tucci

Joe Tucci – (CEO – EMC) of course had the keynote

Joe spoke on a few things about EMC’s history and growth in the industry.  The surprising fact that he mentioned was that over the past 5 years EMC has spent over $14 Billion on R&D in technology. That is with the big ‘B’ , I checked it twice.  Now that said I think some of the announcements that may come out this week will speak to what all that reasearch has produced.   For example, Joe mentioned something breifly called VPLEX.  This is the deliverable product that Pat Gelsinger mentioned awile ago in the area of Storage Federation and an example of what Chad Sakac demo’d at VMWorld 2009 with Long Distance vMotion.  VPLEX will Federate datacenters into ‘Active-Active’ models and allow for heterogeneous usage of EMC arrays and Third-Party arrays like they are the same storage systems.   Wow.  Not only does it integrate the systems, it provides a way to manage the content and provisioning of those arrays over time.

There is already a White Paper up on EMC.COM that shows some of the detail, check it out: VPLEX

Well we are going to need more efficient use of pipes, and here’s why.  The other interesting thing that Joe spoke to is the growth of Information in our storage and datacenters.   The expectation of storage growth from today until 2020 is expected to grow by 44 times.  44 Times of growth puts todays Terrabytes and Petabytes into ZETABYTES.   Now not everyone is going to have that much online, but the cloud providers are going to be busting at the seams of infrastructure as everyone moves their systems to the cloud.  You will also see the small companies break out of their comfort zones of their own internal hosting ideas.  Oh don’t forget, once the data is in the systems you have to begin to manage it.  Archive and off-site storage and backup become hugely more important when the backup window of a ZETABYTE is , well,  infinity….

Joe had a few other points but those are the big parts that made my little light pop.

I’m going to go jump into some of the tech sessions and see how much I can get into my saturated head.

Stay tuned for more from EMC World 2010

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