Troubleshooting ESX

I was at the Louisville VMUG on Friday talking about Troubleshooting ESX.  In my preparation for the event, I was looking for a good PowerPoint presentation I could reuse and I stumbled across a sweet little gem of a document.  Dudley Smith, a VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM) out of Virginia, created a cool one page Mind Map for Troubleshooting ESX.  Does it address every potential issue you’ll come across?  No, of course not.  But it’s a heck of a good place to start.  One look at his Mind Map and I thought to myself, “that would be a great thing to have printed out and hanging over every VMware admin’s desk.”

Well, long story short, I snagged it and threw it up on the big screen behind me as I was presenting.  During the presentation (and many times since the presentation) I had many requests to post the PDF for download. 

But since I couldn’t just start passing out someone else’s work as my own, I sent Dudley a quick email asking for permission to distribute.  He responded by saying, “Sure, publish away!  You might enjoy this too… ”  Attached was another one page document that visually shows the TCP/UDP ports leveraged in VI3.5.  Nice!  Again, another great document to have printed out and hanging over your desk, IMHO.

So, courtesy of the author, Dudley Smith, here are two documents that I would recommend you add to your tool belt.  (click the images to download the PDFs)







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